Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring:

“How You Can Literally Attract an Endless Stream of Prospects to You, Credit Card in Hand, Ready to Join Automatically.”

This is the original course on attraction marketing. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to become a more attractive seller. In the pages of this book, you will discover a little known Internet prospecting secret that has been quietly making thousands of network marketers rich–without rejection, frustration, or spending any money on advertising. In fact, should you discover this secret too, people will actually pay you to hear about your products and opportunity.

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What's Working Now

What’s Working Now:

“Here’s How You Can Save Time And Money By Using My Simple Internet Success Short-Cut System.”

What would it mean to your business if you could “look over the shoulders” of successful six and seven figure earners and discover the strategies and techniques they were using right now to build their businesses? What if you knew what was working online… and could skip all of the trial and error that frustrates most networkers? Subscribing to What’s Working Now can give you that advantage — and save you a whole lot of time and money at the same time.

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Building on a Budget

Building on a Budget:

“5 Surprisingly Simply Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business on a Shoe String Budget!”

In this course, you’ll discover some simple and cost-effective methods (most of them are free) for marketing any business online. It is suitable for any marketer working with limited funds and shows you how to make every spent-penny count. The methods described do not include post cards, banners, or bought sales leads. In fact, these methods are little-known and under-used but will easily help you generate hundreds, even thousands, of free leads every month no matter what your business.

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Black Belt Recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting:

“How to Sponsor 10 to 20 Reps Per Month in any Business 100% Guaranteed!”

This series will show you the best way to contact leads by telephone, how to interview and qualify them, and finally how to close as much as 60% of those into sales. It is specifically targeted for Network Marketers who are terrified of calling prospects. In fact, it works best for marketers who are introverted or shy in nature because from now on, all your cold calls to leads will be “warm” and rejection-free.

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Traffic Formula II

Traffic Formula II:

“How To Generate Endless Leads and Instant Cash For Any MLM!”

Ever wondered how Mike Dillard went from a 20-something year old kid waiting tables to 7-Figures in less than 18 months? Traffic Formula II will show you exactly how he did it. Inside, you’ll discover a step-by-step blueprint you can use to create an automatic traffic and lead generation machine.

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The Copywriters Guild

The Copywriters Guild:

“How You Can Became The #1 Earner In Your Network Marketing Company, Without Picking Up The Phone…”

In this course you’ll discover how to create your own “prospecting army” by learning the art of writing sales copy. Instead of pitching your prospects over the phone or even in person, you’ll leverage the power of words and the secrets of human psychology to get them to come to you. If you truly want to learn one of the most effective ways to “clone” yourself and create more results in your business, then developing your copywriting skills is an absolute must.

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Alpha Networker

Alpha Networker:

“Only Leaders Make Money In Network Marketing… Here’s How To Become One”

Ever wonder why some people make money and others don’t? Why some people become famous and others aren’t even noticed? And why some people seem to coast through life while others do nothing but struggle? If you’re ready to stop chasing success and ready to start attracting it, then you need to develop the mindset of the Alpha Networker. It’s really the only way to become a leader.

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The Ultimate Sales Funnel

The Ultimate Sales Funnel

“Here’s Step-By-Step How To Build A Well Oiled Money Making Machine From Scratch!”

Inside this one-of-a-kind coaching program you’ll discover the system that’s been responsible for over $25 Million in sales, and how you can use it to sell any product, service, or business opportunity. Now you can use this same proven process to leapfrog ahead and build a business from scratch… OR… completely transform your existing business with a slew of sales and income boosting tools and strategies. You’ll get fill-in-the-blank templates, done-for-you lead magnets and a whole lot more….

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Pro Blog Academy

Pro Blog Academy

“Just 7 Months After The Sheriff Served My Foreclosure Papers, I Was Making $40,000 A Month With This One Surprisingly Simple Method… And Here’s How You Can Too!”

If you’ve got 20 minutes a day I’ll teach you how to quickly and easily start getting 20-100 leads a day and seriously crank up your income in NO TIME FLAT!

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