Mike Dillard, through the Elevation Group, is openly sharing financial secrets that can make ordinary people become as wealthy and privileged as those who are benefitting from the best investment and business strategies. The information he is providing through The Elevation Group can't be found through your financial advisors and you will not get this information from your college classes either.

For many of us, the experience of dealing with our money means that we have been limited to very few choices. We choose from local banks to open our checking and savings accounts. We save up for retirement by selecting a plan through our employer. The Elevation Group can connect you to alternative ways to make those same plans but in ways that ensure you will not lose any money because of a bad economy.

As you watch Mike Dillard's informative Elevation Group video, you learn several relevant historical facts and you also see how the economy has affected peoples' retirement savings. Ideally, when you stop working for someone, you want to make sure you are taken care of financially so that you don't have to pick up a part time job to make ends meet. The Elevation Group has resources that are usually only available to very wealthy people. This forum has made it possible for anyone, regardless of economic background or status, to have access to the very same resources that are helping wealthy people protect their assets and create sources of continuous cash flow.

Besides access to financial strategies, The Elevation Group offers educational opportunities that more than make up for what you were never told in school. His videos illustrate the Seven Phases of the economy to help you better understand why things are happening as they do and what a bad economy does to the value of a dollar all around the world. He dips back to the days of ancient Rome and shows you that these events are nothing new, and if history does in fact repeat itself, you can protect yourself from those torrid economic cycles.

Membership into The Elevation Group is being offered at a monthly rate or can be paid for the whole year with a discount of 60%. However, if you watch his 90-minute presentation, you can elect to sign up with a 50% discount off the monthly rate and you have a risk free 30 day membership during which you can review the information provided within the online "diary." The no questions asked refund policy means that you can review the information and determine whether you want to remain, but one should note that the program is much more effective if implemented for more than 30 days.